The infinite is a science-fiction anthology audio drama. Each season tells a new story.


Season 1 - Phoenix 006


One man alone in space, searching...

a dark and introspective exploration of a solitary astronaut traveling through deep space. 


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Episode 1 - Alone

John is alone on a ten year deep space mission after his partner has died. His only companion is the ship's onboard computer ROM. He must navigate the intense loneliness and try to discover some meaning in his current existence.

Episode 2 - Signal

John discovers a mysterious signal that is pulsating through the deep recesses of space. He tries to discover its origin as he continues life on board the ship.

Episode 3 - God

John finds a hidden message in the signal which sparks his interest and he continues to dig deeper into its potential ultimate meaning.

Episode 4 - Jerry

John delves into the mystery of what happened to his fellow astronaut Jerry and the consequences for him on board the ship. In the end, he makes a decision.

Episode 5 - Forever

In the season finale, John travels to the signal’s origin to find some sort of revelation.