The Deathbed Time Traveler

Imagine you are 100 years old and lying on your deathbed. Think about it in great detail – the feel of the sheets, the sunlight bending through your window, the tiredness of your fading body. A kind looking man walks in and starts speaking to you. He greets you warmly, smiles, and hands you a small box with a large button on it. He tells you that if you press the button, you will be transported back in time and become your younger self again. You will get to relive your life again from that point. He says this is a great gift and walks away.

You hold the box in your hands as you think back to your youth. A flood of memories comes back to you – all your experiences, all your triumphs, all your regrets. You think about your friends and family, many of whom are gone now. But you could see them again. You could savor the time you had with them. You could savor it all, and live your life to its fullest. You press the button.

You are here. You are your younger self again, transported from your deathbed to this very moment. You have your life in front of you. You can see your loved ones again, you can experience your youth again, you can live in the moment. The gift has already been given to you, go out and live your life.